I Hear Hammers! Sweet Sounds of Construction on the Gulf Coast

First, Hurricane Ivan slammed the coast of Alabama.  Then, Hurricane Katrina hit Waveland, Mississippi, and she was so enormous we felt the effects here as well.  Just as we started to recover, the BP oil spill happened.  New construction ground to a halt.  That was over five years ago.

We’ve been through it here, for sure, but lately, the sounds of construction are filling the air.  New subdivisions are going up once abandoned projects are reclaimed, and new condo construction is ramping up all along the beach.  All of the noise it’s creating is music to a realtor’s ear.


I have a friend who lives in a condo complex in Gulf Shores.  Her building was finished before everything went south.  She has been there for over four years, and everything was quiet until a few months ago.  I stopped by to see her today.  Things are not quiet now.  Five new buildings are going up, with heavy equipment, big trucks, red clay mud, and construction workers everywhere you look.  She hates it.  On the other hand, I see it as five new buildings full of opportunity.

The Alabama Gulf Coast is beautiful, with something for everyone.  Come for a visit!  You’ll never want to leave.  We’re getting your new house or condo ready right now!